Nia Abigael

Nia in Music

In music, Nia is a member of the House of grace worship team. She sings as an alto.


Nia is also a self taught guitarist who is still learning with the aim of playing in events like weddings and public events.

Nia in Sports

Nia participated in the annual interschool sports and swimming competitions. She has won silver and gold medals and also a trophy for sports girl of the year 2018 Makadara district .

Nia in Fine Art

Nia makes her own art. She specializes in portraits and facial drawings.


She is curious and likes trying out different mediums and styles of art .

Nia in Culinary Arts

In cookery, Nia makes her own recipes. She practices her cooking skills by making meals for her family and even in small gatherings. She is inspired by Gordon Ramsay and other great chefs around the world.

Nia Abigael is a sixteen year old aspiring artist who is passionate about fine art, music, sports and cooking.

Nia has volunteered in Thomas Barbados children’s home giving them clothes and shoes. She has also volunteered in a tree planting program with a purpose to ‘save our environment from pollution.’

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Nia Abigael, Kenya
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