Emi Imani

Digital Illustrator

Emi creates original pieces of artwork for print and digital publications and is well-versed in the best design software to create materials from storyboards, comics and more. She is able to seamlessly translate messages and ideas into appealing illustrations.
Digital Drawing Tablet

Books Illustrated by Emi Imani (Authored by Victor Karol Maingi)

The Artist: Ever since she was a small child she enjoyed drawing, painting and arts and crafts. And now as her art has advanced over the years she is currently doing art for a music artist and YouTuber. She is also an animator. Emi hopes to do art commissions and start her own small art company in the near future.


From the age of five, Emi has been taking music lessons. She is currently mastering the piano and violin and hope to one day learn to play the cello, ukulele, guitar, and many, many more instruments. She also wants to learn how to sing as she hopes to write songs of her own some day.

Aspiring Veterinary Surgeon

Emi has always had a strong love for animals and is on a career towards veterinary work. She has volunteered at here local vet’s office and has partaken in a Rabies Vaccination and Sterilization Campaign.

Emi Imani is a Grade 10 aspiring artist, musician, and veterinarian who has a passion for music, art, game design, and veterinary work. She is currently working on her own YouTube channel where she will be making gaming, animation, and art videos. She is an only child and lives with her mum and dad in Nairobi, Kenya. She may not have any siblings but she has several pets which she considers her family.

The Purpose-full Teenager 2021 Graduates

Emi Imani, Kenya
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